Siren systems

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Public Early Warning System 

The Fercom Systems developed and built PEWS is located in a 30km radius around Paks Nuclear Power Plant to inform the public of any danger.

228 sites installed

The system is capable to play a pre-recorded message, a warning signal and even a real time message to inform the local population. 

High availability: 99.99%

Some of the defining features of the system are the high uptime and availabilty, different levels of warning authorizations, warning sector selection and a robust build quality (min 50 years) of all system elements,

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MoLaRi system

A Hungarian acronym for Monitoring and Residential Alarm System. An enhanced and larger version of PEWS, this countrywide, high availability network has more than 1000 sites with local chemical and weather monitoring, redundant data communication and public information capability.

More than 1000 sites installed 

Developed on behalf of the National Disaster Management Agency our system offers protection to more than 500.000 people on a daily basis. The sensors installed at the sites will provide essential real time information for the decision making and public communication in case of an industrial accident of dangerous material leakage.

28+ facilities monitored

The system offers protection for the population living and working around these dangerous factories. 

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