The patrol car of the future: INKA

Development and manufacturing of Intelligent Rapid Response Vehicle system 

The aim and the result of our research and development project is to create a new hardware-software solution for the secure and efficient management of all the electronic devices and equipment installed in a rapid response vehicle. 


flexible, modular and ergonomic user interface with a wide range of user defined settings 


unified graphical user interface for the equpment management from various vendors


used defined setup of complex tasks for one button operations


system level integration of standard communication inputs and outputs


connection interface to existing dispatch systems

Due to the state of international security law enforcement in Europe and on a global scale faces an increasingly complex investigation process while collecting evidence. These coordinated efforts require instant and secure information flow. National ind international trends alike show an expanding list of equipments installed in law enforcement vehicles. 

Law enforcement professionals using these vehicles receive rarely the attention they deserve. The shared attention of the operators of these equipments is one of the leading sources of accidents according to recent research. Operating these vehicles in an emergency situation using special signals represents a high strain on these professionals on a daily basis. Our R+D program aims to tackle this situation. 

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